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Appraisal Services

Our staff is experienced in providing appraisals for a variety of client needs:

Financing and Credit

  • Assess Value of Collateral for Loan Underwriting Purposes
  • Alternative Investment Analysis
  • Leased Fee Analysis
  • Reorganizations and Mergers

Buy/Sell Decisions

  • Help Buyers Set Offering Prices
  • Help Sellers Set Selling Prices
  • Establish Basis in Tax free Exchanges, Reorganizations and Mergers

Litigation Support

  • Eminent Domain
  • Settle Disputes
  • Valuation of Partial Interests
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Assess Environmental Damages

Tax Matters

  • Estates - Capital Gains
  • Estates - Gifts
  • Estates - Inheritance Tax Matters
  • Property Tax Appeal
  • Separation of Assets for Recapture Purposes

Decision Making

  Set Lease Provisions and Rent Schedules

  Arbitration and Mediation

  Liquidation or Forced Sale Analysis

  Feasibility Analysis


  Going Concern Values

  Business Enterprise Valuations

  Establish Book Value

  Establish Rent Levels

  Insurance Purposes



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